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Maybe it's because they had seen the previews on the TV screen... - Logic vs World

Cold Musings posting in Logic vs World
User: logicvsworld (posted by coldmusings)
Date: 2007-08-16 21:19
Subject: Maybe it's because they had seen the previews on the TV screen...
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Media.  It encourages and influences a lot, in this world/society.  What society should consider to be beautiful or an appropriate weight.  What to wear to get yourself a piece of ass...

How much influence do you think it has though?  

As stated in the movie 'Scream'  "Movies don't create psychos.  Movies make psychos more creative!"

How true is this?  Or do movies/media make "psychos" (maybe not in the personality disorder area)?  Can a movie or video game ..etc...really have that much impact that it drives someone to kill?

As a sociopath with an urge to get in fist fights and an over-the-top liking for the sight of blood, I'm often told to tone it down.  "Try watching romantic comedies instead of horrors and it'll eventually go away!"  Granted, I'm certain it wouldn't cure my disorder, but might it help in the cravings/urges department?

How many not-stereotypically-beautiful girls (or even women) in the world do you think have plastic or corrective surgery just to be more appealing to others?  How many do you think take their own lives because they'll "never be as pretty as her?"  (I'm not asking for statistics or news articles that state this.  I'm asking for your opinions!)

Does the media have any effect on you, either positive or negative?  Do you buy things just because they're "in"/"trendy?"  Do you watch a certain genre of movie because it appeals to a primal urge/desire within?  Do you read Harry Potter even though you don't like it, but just so you can join in the discussion around the water cooler?

Anything!..positive or negative!  Does it impact you?  Does it impact those in your immediate surroundings?  Do you think it's gone too far?  If so, how do you propose it be put to an end?

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User: dacnomaniac
Date: 2007-08-17 03:06 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Well, personally, I've been playing this little game with myself... Avoiding my version of violent media in favor of other media doesn't really help, at least not for me. It runs whether I feed it or not, and sometimes, reducing the 'friction' actually makes it easier to control, if that makes sense.

As to the rest of it ... I'm much more prepared to believe that people with violent tendencies are highly attracted to such material than I am to believe that normal people can be 'turned' violent.
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User: jellobiafrascat
Date: 2007-08-17 13:55 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I often find that romantic comedies makes me want to hurt things, but that's my perspective on that.

As for being influenced by media, I've spent a good part of my life avoiding all things superhyped that never had an initial appeal to me to begin with. IE, my friends ruined Amelie because they drooled ridiculously over it to the point of oversaturation, and in the end, I felt like I didn't need to see it. I live in Boston where everyone is obsessed with the Red Sox, but I don't care for baseball and find myself avoiding venturing out into the city when there's a game happening.

But I do create media, and as a filmmaker, I understand the power pop culture has on society and how much that is influenced by what we see and hear. I'd also be lying to say I haven't ever been influenced by the media, but I guess I have a better grasp on its biases and innuendos than the mass of people who regularly ingest it.

I do feel media has an important role in society, it can be a powerful tool for change, or it could be what keeps people from questioning anything. I can't sit here and say its good or bad because it depends on who's hands it falls into.

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