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Cold Musings posting in Logic vs World
User: coldmusings
Date: 2007-08-13 13:17
Subject: (no subject)
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I've often heard that "after enough alcohol/drugs, anyone can be bisexual/homosexual."

It annoys me when gay/bi people "hit on" straight people, even and especially after the person has stated they have no interest.  
(This isn't a "hate" thing.  I'm bisexual.  But, I've told other bi's/gays that I'm "straight," if I wasn't interested, just to get them to leave me alone.  This has never once worked!)

I understand they may be smokin' hot, or have a killer personality, or both, or any combination of things...but, if they aren't interested, they aren't interested.  Would getting them drunk/drugged up really make them like you at all, or even for one night?

Why do you think some people try so hard to win the attention/affection/gential contact of a person who isn't interested?  Because they are so self-absorbed that they feel they can and should have anyone they want?  Because they want to acheive the "impossible?"  ("I made a guy turn gay for me!")  Perhaps they can't handle or live with rejection and they just push and push the issue...

(I'm also not saying all this happens just in the gay community.  I've known many straight men/women who hit on other straights of the opposite sex, when they are not interested.  Sometimes alcohol does cause something to happen in these situations, also.  However, that is slightly different, as those people already "like" (sexually) the gender of the person hitting on them...so with enough alcohol/drugs, sparks may fly!)
Do you believe alcohol or drugs can make a legitimately heterosexual person gay/bi, if for only that night?  Or would they already have to have at least some degree of curiousity to back it up?

I guess this isn't a typical debate topic....but, this isn't the fucking debate team.  And I want to know what you think, so please discuss!

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Cold Musings posting in Logic vs World
User: coldmusings
Date: 2007-08-12 15:19
Subject: (no subject)
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At the age of 16, I was put in juvie and then institutionalized for bludgeoning someone close to death.  I was diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath/psychopath.)  When I was even younger, I was cruel to animals.  I faked emotions and discipline until I convinced the doctors that I'd be "okay" to be released. 

Present day: I've had several assault and battery arrests...the judge handling my case has been more than lenient with me.  However, it is apparent that he and a criminal psychologist he's brought in to "check me out" seem to be wanting to lock me up again.

If I do nothing wrong to further instigate this, should they be able to, based soley on my past and diagnosis?  Should psychological and personality disorders be used in their early stages, when first diagnosed, to determine someone's "fate?"  
i.e. not just "oh you're a sociopath, let's lock you up"...but...this would entail a bit more analysis.  Sit the person down and figure them out.   How they "tick."  and..if they seem likely to hurt themselves, someone else, or break laws, that would be probable cause to put them away.

Think as both the professional determining the person's fate and as yourself, a citizen, does your opinion change?  Should something like Megan's Law be utilized?  Would you want to be informed if someone with a noteworthy (potentially criminal) disorder moved into your neighborhood?  Or would you feel safer if they weren't "on the streets" at all?

edit: you won't hurt my feelings if you say something like "yes, your ass should be committed."  Don't hold back.  Be honest.  Debate!
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suis une rebelle abandonnée sans cause, une femme posting in Logic vs World
User: broken_pistol
Date: 2007-08-11 21:17
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:sukhwinder something or another - chaiyya chaiyya bollywood joint
maybe it makes me racist, but i have a serious problem with the illegal immigration issue (particularly hispanic, but not exclusively). not only in texas but spreading throughout the united states.
don't get me wrong, bring your poor, your hungry, etc. but hey, if my great great great grandfather had to register, why the hell can't they?
i told a girl in one of my classes, who is hispanic, that if i found out someone was an illegal, i'd call the INS in a heartbeat. she looked affronted and offended and stuttered that i must not understand how much it costs to register as an alien.
so what? that makes it ok?
and don't get me started on GWB and his whole, "they are doing the work that americans won't do." wtf. who the hell did it before?
and what about the AMERICANS who don't qualify for the welfare we are supplying these illegals? hmmm?
thoughts anyone?
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Cold Musings posting in Logic vs World
User: coldmusings
Date: 2007-08-11 18:12
Subject: Welcome to Logic vs World!
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Please check the userinfo for rules/guidelines.  

Also, please advertise and get others to join so we can get some heated debates under way.

This community was created to provide some food for thought, interesting discussions, fun and perhaps a bit of learning!  I've found there just aren't enough interesting topics or debates around.  When they are present, they're ended abruptly because someone doesn't like that someone else disagreed with them and the insults start to fly.  Hopefully, this community can be the exception!  What's your opinion?!


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